Subway 2.0 Washdown WC compact

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Available in the following colours:
White AlpinWhite Alpin CeramicplusStar White CeramicplusPergamon Ceramicplus
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5606 10 XX355 x 480 mm
Outlethorizontal outlet
Description of materialSanitary porcelain
ModelAlso available in ceramicplus
Flush volume4,5 litres
Aquareductwith water-saving AQUAREDUCT® system: flush volume 4,5 litres
Scope of deliveryincl. fastening set "Supra fix"
Accessories (are to be ordered separately) 
9M69 S1 XXwith Quick Release and Soft Closing hinges, Duroplast, hinges in stainless steel
9M69 Q1 XXWC-seat and cover, with Quick Release hinges, Duroplast, hinges in stainless steel
9953 00 00Fastening frame
9961 00 00Fastening set
Data sheet download PDF  
Technical drawing - PDF – show data download PDF  
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- 560610_2D_DWG_EN.ZIP download ZIP  
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- 560610_3D_DWG.ZIP download ZIP  
- 560610_3D_DXF.ZIP download ZIP  
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Assembly instructions download PDF  
Washdown WC compact Subway 2.0
5600 10 XX
370 x 565 mm, 26 kg
Washdown WC compact Subway 2.0
5614 R0 XX

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