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The bathroom retreat

Your own private wellness temple

The bathroom long ago ceased to be a utilitarian space and became a place of relaxation. Feeling good in a bathroom retreat is particularly easy, as it charmingly combines classic bathroom furnishings with comfortable accessories and furniture, creating a very special ambience. A bathroom retreat is characterised by its size, which makes it so rare. It is a true, private wellness temple at home. The classic fittings and taps are the only things that a retreat bathroom and a standard bathroom have in common, otherwise it offers almost unlimited freedom of design and therefore the luxury of achieving your dream interior.

Design tips for the bathroom retreat

The more space you have available, the more furnishing options you can use to fulfil your heart's desire. A bathroom retreat generally offers enough space for a generous shower area with a wonderful rain shower and a nice bath. A free-standing bath is a real head-turner and adding an optional whirlpool system will make it the highlight of your bathroom.

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A large wash basin needs to have plenty of shelf space and two sinks should be installed, combined with a broad mirror or mirrored cabinet. Make sure that the mirror lighting is bright and warm, while the other lighting in the room can be somewhat softer. The installation of an indirect lighting system with dimmers is recommended, so that you can create the perfect lighting for every atmosphere.

The toilet, and possibly a bidet, is needed to complete the bathroom, and they should be positioned next to one another. To ensure that the bathroom furniture is harmonious, right down to the very last detail, make sure that the bathroom ceramics and bathroom furniture designs are perfectly coordinated with one another.

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Inspiration for your living bathroom

Once the interior design of your bathroom retreat is complete and all the important bathroom ceramics and bathroom furniture have been integrated, you can focus on decoration. Wooden elements like a nice cabinet or footstool are wonderful design highlights. Fabric curtains or an upholstered chair create a comfortable atmosphere in your bathroom retreat and also make wonderful decorations.

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Towel radiators provide pleasant heat and are a fine alternative to conventional radiators. They can be used as towel holders to keep your towels warm and toasty, even on cold winter days. Your personal wellness oasis should also have a couple of nice house plants - they round off the balanced ambience of your bathroom retreat, as they bring naturalness and fresh air into the room.

You can use the various bathroom collections from Villeroy & Boch to furnish your bathroom retreat. The bathroom furniture and bathroom ceramics in the individual collections are coordinated with one another and incorporate several styles, making it possible for you to find your own personal style for your bathroom. The baths incorporating whirlpool systems also come in a number of versions: the various indoor hot tubs from Villeroy & Boch can be installed in several models of bath, providing you with a free choice when selecting your favourite design and whirlpool system.