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Welcome to a new class of comfort

The Vivia bathroom, your new favourite place to be

When you feel like treating yourself, you might, for example book a fabulous holiday. Or you could simply indulge in a whole new level of comfort in your own home. Discover how Vivia can transform your bathroom into your very own haven of comfort. Day after day and just as you like it!

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Maximum freedom in the shower

Who doesn’t dream of a walk-in shower! No doors or barriers at all – and large enough to give you an all-round feel-good experience. Turn this dream into a reality.

Enjoy the freedom the shower provides, plenty of room, the spacious look and comfortable features, specially designed to provide you with the comfort you need.

Comfort simply feels good

After a hot and invigorating rain shower, you no longer have to step out of the shower into the cold bathroom still dripping wet as Vivia has a surprise in store. Open the door of the Vivia shower panel, take out your towel and dry yourself off in the shower where it's still nice and warm. So much comfort simply feels good.

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Turn your washbasin into a dressing table

Your new favourite place in the middle of your feel-good oasis – a wish that Vivia can make come true. Simply sit down on the comfortable Vivia stool on castors with integrated storage space, fold up the spacious furniture console with to reveal a mirror and enjoy the comfort of having your very own dressing table in your bathroom. All of your cosmetics and accessories neat and tidy and within easy reach. Your bathroom has never been so cosy.

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The ultimate in comfortable toilets

With the Vivia collection you can experience superior comfort when it comes to the toilet, too. Thanks to its extra-wide ergonomic seat, the Comfort toilet allows you to enjoy the ultimate in seated comfort. Its innovative DirectFlush technology offers the highest degree of cleanliness. Discover a completely new toilet seat experience with Vivia.

Experience more freedom of movement in the shower

A walk-in shower is perfect for enjoying a feeling of freedom in your bathroom. By removing steps and barriers, you also remove obstacles and tripping hazards in your bathroom.

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