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Chrome taps and fittings

Important care information for your chrome taps and fittings.

Do not:

  • use any products containing hydrochloric acid, formic acid or acetic acid. These will damage the surfaces. The same applies to chlorine-bleach cleaning products.
  • mix cleaning products.
  • use any abrasive products or tools (scouring cream, scouring pads, microfibre cloths).

Cleaning products containing phosphoric acid are recommended only to a limited extent.

As a general rule:

  • Never leave cleaning products to work for longer than necessary.
  • Calcification can be prevented by regular cleaning.
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe off drops of water after each use.
  • Never spray cleaning solution directly onto taps or fittings. Spray it onto the cleaning cloth or sponge instead.
  • Remove any remnants of toiletries such as shampoo, shower gel or liquid soap quickly to avoid any damage.


A thin protective film should be applied regularly to varnished and galvanised surfaces. We recommend using a special preserving agent designed specifically for varnished or galvanised surfaces.