Cheerful cups for everyone who loves animals as much as they love coffee

Collector's cups as a tribute to the animals of our world

Build your own colourful animal world with the Animals of the World collection. Every cup of coffee takes you on a trip around the world. Discover fascination creatures in their natural beauty. A true joy when partnered with the unique NewWave shape.

Collection details:
NewWave Caffè Animals of the World

• A popular collection since 2015
• Collector's mugs, a new theme and new design each year
• Premium Porcelain
• Dishwasher-safe
• Microwave-safe

2018 – Magnificent birds from arid areas

The four birds that beautify the original NewWave Caffè cups as designs feel most at home in wide, grassy landscapes and dry savannahs. These travellers can be found with their strikingly colourful feathering from North America, through southern Europe, all the way to India and south-east Asia – and now also in your home at coffee with friends and family.

The Red Cardinal

The scarlet red Cardinalis cardinalis is a conspicuous riot of colour from Canada to Mexico in summer as much as in winter and is a much-loved guest in gardens and parks.

The Yellow Hoopoe

Upupa epops loves a warm climate on open landscapes. It makes a strong impression from the Mediterranean to Sumatra with its orange and black feather bonnet.

The Green Munia

The green Amandava formosa lives in India and is an endangered species. It prefers to nest in flocks, close to one another, in reeds, grass and scrubland.

The Lilac-Breasted Roller

From Ethiopia to Namibia, Coracias caudatus lives in tree savannahs and open, bushy landscapes. Widely distributed throughout Africa, this bird sports brightly coloured plumage from head to toe.

2017 – Exotic animals from Central America

They come in all shapes and sizes and can be found all over the world – butterflies. Year after year, caterpillars emerge from their cocoons and turn into beautiful butterflies with dazzling colours. Butterfly species found in Central and South America are especially worth protecting. These unique butterflies now also adorn the NewWave Caffè mugs.

The beautiful one

The Morpho cypris from Columbia lives up to its name: Morpho means beautiful as the dazzling blue wings really come into their own when light shines onto them.

The magnificent one

The name of the Cuban butterfly Phoebis avellaneda pays homage to the writer Avellaneda. Its wings shine in shades of deep yellow and red.

The Noble

The red and black wings of the rare Fountainea nobilis peralta from Costa Rica present onlookers with charming elegance.

The secretive one

The Theritas mavors from Brazil is well camouflaged thanks to its leaf-like colours. The green of its wings is especially dazzling when it unfolds them in flight.

2016 – Colourful inhabitants from the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region

The modern cups show four species of tropical fish native to the Great Barrier Reef that characterise this fascinating underwater world. Brightly coloured clownfish, surgeonfish, triggerfish and Moorish idols dart over the unique NewWave design. 

The Clownfish

The anemone fish, or clownfish, lives in the Indo-Pacific and has distinctive white and orange markings. It looks for protection in the ocean's anemones.

The Surgeonfish

The surgeonfish feels right at home in the Great Barrier Reef and defends itself in this environment with the blade-like tip of its tail.

The Triggerfish

The triggerfish can grow up to one metre in length. Divers have as much as respect as they do fascination for this graceful aquatic animal.

The Moorish Idol

The Moorish idol prefers to live in coral reefs. This colourful fish can be found at a depth of around 180 metres, usually in pairs or small groups.

2015 - Colourful coastal and waterside inhabitants

The NewWave Caffè Animals of the World collection was established in 2015 with four beautiful designs of rare aquatic birds. Let yourself be captivated by a vast array of different birds who make their homes all over the world, from South America to Asia. All of these animals have one thing in common: They all love the water and have carved out their living spaces on the coasts and shores. 

The Brown-Throated Conure

Eupsittula pertinax is a true Latino. The parakeet attracts attention in the warm climes of South America and the Caribbean with its elegant plumage and loud twittering.

The Pink Flamingo

The magnificent Phoenicopterus roseus likes a warm, dry climate. From the Caribbean all the way to Asia, it fishes elegantly in salty seas on long stilts.

The Kingfisher

Alcedo atthis is a bedazzling fisherman. When it goes hunting for prey in central Europe, its blue plumage blends with the water, affording it the perfect camouflage.

The Bee-eater

Merops apiaster is one of the most colourful birds in Europe and Africa. Its plumage has an exotic appearance and is a real eye-catcher in the trees and bushes along the shore.