Just Silence

Finally found the right perspective!

Pool or hot tub - this was the question that had been occupying my mind this spring following a visit to the Pool- & Wellness-Perspektiven company in Langenfeld.

After several hours of advisory meetings in the showroom and in my garden at home, where Ms Stegmann presented the different options for consideration, it was clear: it simply had to be a Just Silence - a stylish symbiosis of an amazingly relaxing whirlpool massage and the look & feel of a small-version designer pool.

It was installed on my patio at the end of June and since then I have been enjoying regular relaxation with a single “touch” at the end of a long working day. Therefore: customised consultation helped me make the right decision - a high-quality and very attractive whirlpool tub which delights me every time I look out into my garden!

Submitted by: Thomas Damschen

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