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All things considered, it was the right decision!

After we had unfortunately had to abandon the idea of one pool from Löchte in Münster for technical reasons, after an intensive and very professional consultation (in comparison with other well-known manufacturers), we opted for a hot tub from Villeroy & Boch. We ruled out the other manufacturers for design and quality reasons. We love the linear and “streamlined” look and, four months after installation, are very pleased with our decision. From the initial consultation to installation of our hot tub, we have nothing but praise for Löchte in Münster. The technical staff knew what they were doing and gave us some very good tips too! We are also pleased that we decided to install the hot tub outdoors. It gives us a great view of the garden and the sky, which looks particularly good at night thanks to the subtle lighting in the whirlpool.

We use the hot tub regularly and, with the exception of just 4 days, have been in it nearly every day. It is very enjoyable and the massaging nozzles and 37 degree warmth do the world of good after a strenuous day. We also didn't think that the temperature we set would be so consistent and unaffected by the outside temperature (very good insulation). Maintenance can be classed as low as the filter is easily accessible and quick to clean. All things considered, it was the right decision! Thanks to Löchte in Münster and, of course, to Villeroy & Boch!

Submitted by: www.garten-elfen-art.de

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