Ingredients to serve 4:

Red cabbage with apple:

• 1 small red cabbage
• 1 large apple
• Salt
• 2 tablespoons sugar
• Juice of 1 lime or lemon
• 8 tablespoons vinegar
• 150 g onions
• 50 g goose dripping
• 1 tablespoon blackcurrant jelly
• 200 ml red wine
• 1 stick of cinnamon (about 20 cm)
• Freshly ground pepper
• About 3 tablespoons cranberry compote and parsley to garnish

Stuffed goose:

• 1 goose, about 4.5 kg (without giblets)
• Salt, freshly ground pepper
• 230 g butter
• 30 g clarified butter
• 320 g flour
• 20 g yeast
• 80 ml lukewarm milk
• 40 g sugar
• 50 g raisins
• 1 egg and one egg yolk
• 100 g dried apricots
• 100 g candied orange segments
• 70 g almonds (sliced)
• 400 ml chicken stock
• 6 tablespoons honey
• 6 tablespoons light soy sauce
• toothpicks, kitchen twine



1. The day before, chop or slice the red cabbage into fine strips. Peel the apple and chop with the cabbage. Mix in the salt, 1 tablespoon of the sugar, the juice of the lime or lemon and 6 tablespoons of vinegar, preferably by hand. Cover and leave to marinate for about 24 hours in the refrigerator.

2. The next day, peel and finely chop the onions. Heat the goose dripping in a large saucepan, add the remaining sugar and allow to caramelise slightly and then add the rest of the vinegar. Braise the onions, then add the prepared red cabbage, blackcurrant jelly, cinnamon and red wine and season with salt and pepper. Cover and cook the red cabbage with apple over a medium heat for about 30 minutes. Stir occasionally. Before serving, remove the stick of cinnamon, add more salt and pepper to the cabbage to taste and garnish with the cranberries and the parsley.

3. Wash the goose, dab it dry and rub with salt and pepper both inside and out. To make the stuffing, melt 110 g butter and leave to cool. Sieve the flour into a bowl. Stir the yeast into the milk until it dissolves. Mix the sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, the egg and the egg yolk with the butter and add to the flour together with the yeast and milk mixture. Start the dough off with the dough hooks in the hand mixer and then knead to a smooth dough by hand. Cover with a cloth and leave to rise at room temperature for about 30 minutes. Dice the apricots and orange segments and work in with the raisins and the sliced almonds. Put the dough mixture into the body cavity. Close the opening with the toothpicks and the kitchen twine. Put the goose in a roasting tin rubbed with clarified butter and leave to stand for about 1 hour, to allow the dough to rise a little more. Pre-heat the oven to 130 degrees top and bottom heat. After about 2 hours, add 200 ml of the chicken stock and roast the goose in the roasting tin for 4-5 hours.

4. Meanwhile melt the rest of the butter with the honey and the soy sauce to make a syrupy glaze. Take the goose out of the oven. Place a grid onto a baking tray and rest the goose on it. Increase the oven temperature to 220 degrees circulating air temperature. Coat the goose with the glaze, put it back in the oven and continue roasting until it goes crispy brown. Brush frequently during this time. Every so often, remove the fat from the meat juices. Add the remaining 200 ml of chicken stock to the meat residue and reduce greatly. Finally stir into the remaining glaze mix, season and serve with the goose.

Side dishes:

Steamed apple rings seasoned with thyme and possibly glazed chestnuts.


To stop too much of the swelling dough escaping from the goose, the opening must be firmly closed. First pin together horizontally with the toothpicks, then tie together by criss-crossing the kitchen twine around the toothpicks.