Ingredients for approx. 15 pieces:

• 120 g ground almonds
• 250 g spiced almond biscuits
• 50 g soft butter
• 75 g cream cheese
• Seeds from ½ vanilla bean
• Grated orange peel from ½ orange
• 150 g dark chocolate coating

Spiced almond biscuit cake pops


1. Stir butter and cream cheese in a bowl until creamy. Crumble the spiced almond biscuits and add to the butter/cream cheese mixture together with the vanilla, grated orange peel and almonds. Form the dough mixture into 15 balls and leave to cool.

2. Melt the chocolate coating. Briefly dip one end of the cake pop sticks into the chocolate coating. Then stick the balls onto the prepared sticks. Dip the balls into the remaining chocolate coating and top with chocolate decoration.

Tip: For particularly festive cake pops in Christmas tree design simply form the dough mixture into the shape of cones and decorate with a white chocolate coating mixed with green food colourin.