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Christmas napkins: the perfect finishing touch for a festively laid table

The Christmas lunch or dinner table is the centrepiece of your celebrations: this is where the whole family sits down to share the magic and the joy of Christmas. Of course, a perfectly set Christmas table should match your Christmas decorations.

Never underestimate the impact of carefully chosen napkins in seasonal colours. Stylish Christmas dinner napkins add the perfect finishing touch to your festive table. Villeroy & Boch Christmas napkins go beautifully with fine china, sparkling crystal glasses and lit candles – the sight of a table laid with such care will make everyone realise just how much you love them.

Christmas-themed designs: from classic to contemporary

Villeroy & Boch Christmas napkins come in a wide range of different designs, colours and sizes. It is generally a good idea to choose a colour concept and your Christmas decorations before you decide which Christmas napkins to buy: whether 3-ply paper or 40x40cm high-quality fabric napkins, always choose Christmas napkins that perfectly match your festively laid table and your decorations.

Red Christmas napkins, for example, are a classic, traditional choice. They look particularly festive in combination with white china. Motifs such as Father Christmas and his reindeer or Christmas tree paper napkins in warm colours add a touch of nostalgia and playfulness. They look especially enchanting together with Villeroy & Boch's Christmas-themed tableware.

Christmas napkins are available in many colours with patterns and motifs to match your theme

Napkins don't always have to have Christmas-related motifs or come in the classic seasonal colours to look amazing on a festively laid table. A matching overall colour concept is particularly effective. Buy Christmas napkins in shades that match your decorations. A contemporary yet festive choice are Christmas decorations in antique pink, for example, with matching napkins. Silver-grey napkins look striking in combination with fir tree sprigs or a tree with sophisticated silver ornaments.

White Christmas decorations featuring sparkling ornaments will remind everyone of freshly fallen snow and look timelessly elegant. For such a theme, high-quality white fabric napkins are the perfect choice. Sprinkle some silver-coloured glitter over the table for a wintry and romantic look. Luxurious Christmas decorations in deep navy blue have a contemporary and unconventional character. Emphasise it to great effect with Christmas napkins in the same colour.

Decoupage with Christmas paper napkins

Did you know that Christmas paper napkins are great for seasonal decoupage projects? So why not get creative and make your own unique decoupage Christmas decorations. Simply cut out some Christmas motifs from Christmas napkins and glue them onto tea light holders, flower pots, vases, biscuit tins or ornaments with special decoupage glue.

Smooth out any creases and seal with a layer of decoupage varnish. Add some silver- or gold-coloured glitter or sequins to make your creations sparkle festively. This technique is a super-easy way to create one-off and imaginative Christmas decorations! You can also use it for Christmas cards and gifts with a personal touch.


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