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Clever Cooking

Sophisticated tableware for everyday use

The Clever Cooking collection is a genuine all-rounder in the kitchen, making cooking three times easier – as a classic baking tin, a serving plate and a fridge storage container. Clever Cooking products combine all three uses. Heat-resistant up to 260°C and suitable for freezing down to -30°C. Closed with the corresponding silicone lids, the dishes are airtight. This means they can be used to store leftovers which you can simply reheat the next day in the microwave. Thanks to optimum heat retention, food remains warm for a long time. The ovenware is available in 18 different sizes and with a wide variety of accessories. So there’s a perfect dish for every portion size. The ceramic lids of the versatile baking tins can not only be used as lids or coasters, but also as serving plates – or even as baking tins in their own right. Thanks to their "Easy-To-Clean" feature, products from the Clever Cooking collection are also effortless to clean.

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