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Farmers Spring

Pretty Easter tableware with hens and cockerels

The Farmers Spring range symbolises spring more beautifully than almost any other Easter collection from Villeroy & Boch. Bursting with hens, cockerels and meadow flowers, the décors provide a beautiful contrast to the pure white tablecloth of the Easter table.

Easter traditions: The Easter egg hunt

The idea of hiding Easter eggs probably goes back to a pagan tradition: the Teutons used to give gifts of eggs to their family and friends to honour Ostara, the goddess of spring. As Christianity and the influence of the Catholic Church spread, this tradition was banned and the eggs began to be given in secret or hidden in long grass. Even today, when people can give eggs in all shapes and colours, Easter egg hunts are still very popular among the little ones. Arranged in pretty decorative porcelain dishes or an egg wreath from the Farmers Spring collection, the Easter surprise is a certainty.

Farmers Spring for Easter breakfast

Be it a lazy brunch or a classic breakfast, what counts on Easter Sunday is spending time enjoying a delicious meal with friends and family. Arrange cold meats, cheese, fruit, vegetables and different types of egg on the Farmers Spring dining plates and serving platters from Villeroy & Boch. Matching breakfast plates and cups integrate seamlessly into the look of the table and provide space for delicious food and drinks. Special egg plates, egg boats and egg cups hold the colourful dyed or natural eggs and make them the focus of the Easter table.

Tea and cake for the Easter table

What would Easter afternoon tea be without a sweet Easter lamb cake? With the Farmers Spring baking dishes, you can design tasty cakes in the shape of lambs, bunnies or a classic Bundt cake – stylishly arranged on a round or rectangular porcelain cake plate, surrounded by a Farmers Spring tea service with plates, tea cups, saucers, a sugar bowl and milk jug. Design your festive table on Easter Sunday exactly as you like.

Spring even after Easter – with Farmers Spring Kitchen

With its green and white décor, the Farmers Spring Kitchen collection impresses not just at Easter, but throughout the year. The delicate meadow flowers combined with hens, cockerels and fresh colours enrich any kitchen. In country style, this tableware series offers you trays, sieves and tea kettles in classic designs. Thanks to their similar motifs, the Farmers Spring and Farmers Spring Kitchen collections are easily combined, creating a harmonious look for cooking, baking and serving.