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The magic of the moon

The moon and stars have fascinated humans all around the world since the beginning of time. The moon moves the oceans, lights up the nights and the appearance of the crescent moon in the sky is a symbol of the transition between day and night. This celestial body is also a symbol of our emotions, especially in the current lunar year of 2020, as well as inspiration for the most beautiful fashion and interior design trends around the world today. Create breathtaking table decoration with a trendy moon look for festive dinners and special moments.

2020 is a lunar year
This year is reigned by the moon, so the focus is on our emotions. From an astrological point of view, the moon is responsible for love, a sense of family and understanding. Spending time with loved ones and a beautiful home that provides a safe retreat and feeling of security are even more important in the lunar year of 2020.

Futuristic forms: NewMoon glass and cutlery
Make a trendy statement with the full NewMoon look. The progressive design of the NewMoon cutlery and glasses also captures the course of the moon. The revolutionary NewMoon cutlery sits comfortably in your hand thanks to its fascinating triangular, ergonomic shape. The NewMoon glasses are the most beautiful example of the current asymmetrical trend and combine maximum drinking comfort with a distinctly sloping rim.


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