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Toy's Delight

The Winter Collage collection also offers numerous Christmassy products for table-settings. Toy’s Delight comprises festive tableware decorated with finely scattered mo-tifs in restrained colours: cups and mugs, a teapot warmer, plates, platters, dishes and bowls, all perfect for serving afternoon tea or coffee or indeed for meals. There are also candle and tea-light holders and a tray stand. New for 2015 and a real highlight of the collection is the ten-piece antipasti set consisting of bowls, plates and four porcelain figures portraying a rocking horse, Santa, a teddy and a train. The set can be used for savoury antipasti but also for sweeter treats. Equally new is a tureen, a serviette holder and a dip set. The new sealed jars for biscuits and foodstuffs call to mind images of Father Christmas's sack. 

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57 artikel/artiklar