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Winter Bakery

New for Christmas baking

In 2016 the Winter Bakery collection returns to the theme of Christmas baking. While in recent years the focus was on enjoying winter and festive specialities, this year the novelties are all to do with baking. Thus for the Winter Bakery Delight series there is a ceramic rolling pin, a large mixing bowl, Bundt cake tins available in two sizes, a muffin tin, a round cake tin and measuring jugs available with a 250 ml or 500 ml capacity.
And to enhance the enjoyment of the home-baked treats, a new décor has been created for the breakfast plates, coffee cups and saucers, French-bols and handled mugs. The stylish festive look features a little biscuit in the form of a shooting star zooming around the edge of the plate. The star is followed by a trail of sweets and finally comes to rest in the centre. A cream-coloured all-over holly motif forms the background. All the Winter Bakery articles are made of porcelain and are decorated using lithography techniques, some details are also hand painted. The décor, which displays many varia-tions of typical culinary Christmas treats, is designed in a strong red and radiant white, with fine touches of green, yellow and orange.

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