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Christmas Cups

Decorative Christmas mugs and cups for your favourite drink!

After an energetic Christmas walk in the fresh Winter air, nothing is more comforting when you come home than having a warming hot drink from your favourite mug. Whether you love sweet hot chocolate, refreshing coffee or the gentle heat of spiced wine: Enjoying a hot drink in one of the beautifully designed Christmas mugs from Villeroy & Boch will increase your festive cheer! From playful Christmas motifs like gifts or stars to classic symbols like a sprig of mistletoe, we have a wide range of Christmas decorations on our versatile selection of mulled wine cups, coffee mugs and tea cups with a Christmas look!

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Enjoy mulled wine, punch and all your favourite Christmas drinks in style with the tasteful range of Christmas cups from Villeroy & Boch

Advent, Advent ...

Every year on the first Sunday of Advent, magical decorations adorn the warm and cosy living rooms in every home to create a lovingly warm atmosphere. Drinking coffee with family or friends is the festive way in which many people start this reflective season of Advent each year. To make sure that the coffee table in your home is truly in keeping with the festive season, you have to have the right Christmas tableware. In addition to having the decorative Christmas plates, the matching Christmas cups will complete the mood of Christmas on your table. Adorned with cheerful winter or Christian motifs, the elegant cups made of fine porcelain from Villeroy & Boch create a particularly refined ambience and simply invite your guests to enjoy their delicious drinks!

Enticing hot drinks

When the weather outside is crisp and cold there is nothing more pleasant than enjoying a delicious glass of homemade spiced wine! Perfectly seasoned with anise, cinnamon and cloves, the irresistible aroma rises up into your nostrils while you are pouring it out! Adorned with a fruity orange slice, this spicy hot drink is a delight for all the senses. In addition to the classic red wines, such as pinot noir, dornfelder or merlot, white or even apple wines are nowadays also used as the basis for this popular and reliably warming drink. Of course, fruit juice or sweetened tea are the tasty non-alcoholic alternatives which can be offered to children. No matter what type of drink you prefer, your winter drinks taste better when you drink from a decorative mulled wine cup or Christmas cup from Villeroy & Boch!

Creative ideas for baking!

As well as the traditional Christmas stollen and classic cinnamon stars, lebkuchen and coconut macaroons, cupcakes are a wonderful way of surprising your nearest and dearest with tasty little treats! Made with a completely normal cake mixture, spice up with a few Christmas spices, – such as cinnamon, aniseed or cardamom, – these sweet little delicacies from the Christmas bakery are baked in Christmas cup or a Christmas coffee mug, instead of in a baking dish, and are then eaten indulgently with a spoon from the cup or mug. How would fancy trying, for example, a traditional spicy Christmas cookie in the form of a cup cake? This tastes far better when it is served hot! A ready-to-use cupcake mixture also makes a wonderful gift idea. You could give this to somebody dear to you along with a high-quality Christmas cup made of fine porcelain from Villeroy & Boch to give them a double treat!

To give as a gift or to keep yourself

The tastefully designed Christmas cups from Villeroy & Boch complete your Christmas tableware collection in a really stylish way. In addition to the plates, bowls and jugs with Christmas motifs, we have coffee mugs and tea cups with colourful decorations which will really stand out and which can be used for a family breakfast as well as for long and leisurely get-togethers over coffee with friends on the Sundays in Advent! These premium quality porcelain cups with their delicately painted decorations also make the ideal little present for a girlfriend or boyfriend whom you wish to give a really special treat! And buying the matching saucer to go under it will set it off perfectly!

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