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NewWave Caffè Animals of the World

New: wonderful butterfly decorations on fine porcelain cups

Now you can enjoy aromatic coffee from the wonderfully wild coffee cups in the NewWave Caffè Animals of the World collection. Four brightly-coloured butterflies decorate the white porcelain cups and create a cheerful look for any breakfast or coffee table.

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Enchanting butterflies for extravagantly rich colours

The wonderful décors of the NewWave Caffè collections have been annual proof of how highly Villeroy & Boch values exclusive design since 2015. While the white porcelain coffee cups used to be decorated with rare water birds and tropical fish, the latest series is covered with enchantingly colourful butterflies from Central and South America. From the stunning blue morpho cypris of Colombia to the red noble leaf wing of Costa Rica and Cuba's magnificent orange and yellow red-splashed sulphur, four unique butterflies adorn the cups in the NewWave Caffé Animals of the World collection. Combine a colourful butterfly cup with a NewWave saucer in a curved design for a harmonious look on your coffee table.

Beating wings on a curved design

The butterfly motifs are as unique as the strikingly curved design of the NewWave coffee cups. The modern, extravagant design vocabulary of the porcelain tableware is a perfect match for the colourful butterflies that adorn the coffee cups in such extraordinary detail. Right down to the practical handle, every butterfly cup is a feast for the eyes and will be loved by all fans of both design and animals. Be it a refreshing Arabica in the morning or a hot Assam during the cold months – as soon as the hot steam rises from the charming cups of the Animals of the World collection, you are sure to feel transported directly into the warm sun of the tropical countries from which these pretty butterflies hail.

Quality right down to the tips of the wings

Unlike the deep green hairstreak that adorns the green version of the NewWave coffee cups and that is perfectly camouflaged among the green leaves thanks to the undersides of its wings, the porcelain cups from Villeroy & Boch have no need to hide. Produced from premium porcelain in a sophisticated production process, the cups are impact resistant, have strong rims, and are effortlessly eye-catching thanks to their combination of pure white porcelain and colourful butterfly designs. Arrange the Animals of the World cups with other tableware pieces from the wavy NewWave collection for an effective ensemble every day or on a table laid for a celebration. Once the guests have gone, the premium porcelain plates and cups can be effortlessly cleaned in the dishwasher.

Wonderfully colourful gifts

If you and your loved ones value quality, premium tableware from Villeroy & Boch is always a great gift idea. Tea and coffee drinkers and animal fans in particular will love an individual cup with a magnificent butterfly or even all four cups in the set. Collectors' hearts will beat a little faster if they can discover four enchanting new décors on the coffee cups of the NewWave Caffè collection every year and add the exclusive cups to their collection. The coffee cups are packaged in a matching gift box, making them easy to decorate with ribbon or wrapping paper for an attractive gift. Those more interested in the urban environment will love the Cities of the World coffee mugs adorned with illustrations of the landmarks of various cities.

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