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Surprise coffee lovers with a stylish present from Villeroy & Boch

From a strong espresso to an authentic French café crème or a traditional freshly brewed morning coffee: for many people this tasty and invigorating beverage is an essential daily pleasure. Villeroy & Boch offers a wide selection of coffee, espresso and latte macchiato sets to delight lovers of this black gold. From the rustic Artesano collection to the modern NewWave Caffè, the timelessly elegant Anmut or the floral design of the classic Mariefleur collection.

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Coffee enjoyment as a gift

For coffee lovers, there's no better moment than snuggling into the sofa on a cold Autumn day and warming themselves with an aromatic cup of coffee, or in the morning, boosting their energy for the coming day with a mug of strong coffee or in the afternoon, enjoying an espresso with a lovely slice of chocolate tart. To complete their daily enjoyment, coffee cups and saucers from Villeroy & Boch, which round off the coffee experience with their charming patterns and motifs, are a great gift idea. In addition to many dinnerware sets, the individual coffee mugs with curved handles from the Cities of the World collection are an excellent gift idea for coffee lovers. Packed in a matching gift box, the modern design of the mugs from the NewWave Caffè series will whisk you away to some of the world's most beautiful cities.

Porcelain is so much more than fine ceramics

Porcelain tableware from Villeroy & Boch has not ceased to impress for over 260 years thanks to the high-quality workmanship of the exquisite materials used. Quality and innovative design ideas come together in extensive production procedures to form stylish collections which make the centrepiece of every dining or coffee table. A fascinating interplay of the traditional and the modern is demonstrated by the designs and patterns of the cheerful espresso and coffee cups, salad bowls and plate variations of the Amazonia collection. Produced from elegant premium bone porcelain, numerous dinnerware sets from Villeroy & Boch shine exquisitely on every table on special occasions. Give a gift of attractive porcelain crockery, preferably packaged in a high-quality gift box, included with the set. For everyday use, or for the commute to work, the modern Cities of the World Coffee to Go mugs made of shockproof and chip-resistant premium porcelain with a practical lid make the ideal little gift for coffee lovers.

Coffee in a glass

Whether a café au lait, a Viennese melange with frothy milk or a refreshing ice coffee, many coffee varieties are traditionally served in a glass. As different coffee varieties demand cups of different sizes, Villeroy & Boch keeps the Artesano Hot Beverages glasses at the ready in countless sizes up to the XL version with its volume of 140 mm. With or without a handle, the mugs and cups made of double-walled borosilicate glass keep hot drinks warm and cold drinks at a pleasant drinking temperature. The simple design with curved shapes also enchants every coffee table. The mugs are microwave-safe which means that you can also quickly heat up milk in them for a hot chocolate. Once the guests leave, let the dishwasher take care of the cleaning. Packaged as a gift, coffee lovers will be delighted with the Artesano Hot Beverages mugs.

Milk and sugar with your coffee?

Many people prefer to drink their coffee with a dash of milk and a little sugar. If your favourite coffee-drinker also counts on this way of preparing the hot beverage, why not give a gift of a delightful milk jug and sugar bowl to match the coffee set? Coffee pots and teapots from the same collection complete the set and are perfect for serving all guests with hot drinks. Cake forks and coffee spoons from the Caffè Club collection round off the afternoon coffee break and also make the ideal gift. For the really special gift, choose the modern spoon from the NewWave Caffè which, thanks to the notch on the neck of the spoon can be hung directly on the edge of the cup.

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