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Tins & Storage

Ceramic jars from Villeroy & Boch – For stylish storage

Whether you want to store rice in a classic storage jar or sweet preserves in a jam jar, use the beautifully-shaped ceramic jars from Villeroy & Boch for sophisticated presentation. Read more...

63 artikel/artiklar

389,00 kr

Special Price 330,65 kr


339,00 kr

Special Price 271,20 kr


289,00 kr

Special Price 173,40 kr

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459,00 kr

Special Price 367,20 kr


629,00 kr

Special Price 384,30 kr


449,00 kr

Special Price 359,20 kr


449,00 kr

Special Price 269,40 kr


849,00 kr

Special Price 510,30 kr


639,00 kr

Special pris 511,20 kr


299,00 kr

Special Price 239,20 kr


569,00 kr

Special Price 341,40 kr


399,00 kr

Special Price 239,40 kr

63 artikel/artiklar

Harmoniously arranged supplies

Ever since hunter gatherers in the Neolithic period put down roots, supplies have been stored in vessels. Unlike their original use, mainly to store supplies to tide people over during periods of shortage, storage jars today are used for organisation in the home, while their loving designs create a harmonious look in the kitchen. The beautifully-shaped ceramic jars from Villeroy & Boch have been created especially to store aromatic spices such as cinnamon and coriander without giving off odours, and to protect baking ingredients such as flour and sugar reliably against moisture. The interplay between the large number of different colours, shapes and charming décors makes the porcelain spice and storage jars a tasteful addition anywhere. The vessels in the various collections thus underscore the ambience of your kitchen in a charming way.

For an aesthetic start to the day

When the scent of freshly-brewed coffee and fresh croissants reaches your nose on a Sunday morning, complete the carefully-laid breakfast table with the enchanting jam jars from Villeroy & Boch. Homemade strawberry jam with fruits from your own garden is best presented in an elaborately-decorated ceramic jar. The lifelike design of the porcelain figures, which act as handles on the lids of the three-part sets in the form of fruits and berries and effortlessly become the eye-catchers of the vessels, peps up the whole look of the table and makes a real statement in the early morning. For a heartier meal to kick off your day, place one of the carefully-designed butter dishes with top and bottom parts next to a beautifully-garnished plate of cold meats and cheeses.

Robust for everyday use

Apart from the versatile sugar bowls and storage jars in the Charm collection, most of the ceramic jars from Villeroy & Boch are made from premium porcelain, which is characterised by its high impact resistance and tough rims. Thanks to the quality of the material and the careful craftsmanship during the resource-saving production process, the containers are ideally suited to everyday use. Be they gleaming white spice jars or colourful jam jars, the ceramic jars are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The storage jars in the Retro Accessoires collection, on the other hand, are made from glass that impresses with its high quality and is at the same level as the versatile glass series from Villeroy & Boch. Mixtures of colourful pasta look especially good arranged in the glass containers as a decorative element.

What do we have here?

Is an egg hidden in the ceramic jar with the Easter Bunny? Be it at Easter time in spring or for a peaceful time in winter, the seasonal ceramic jars frame the festive spirit of every season. Nibble of biscuits from a jar with Christmas décor on Christmas Day or hide little chocolate bunnies in the colourful ceramic jars with spring motifs. With its beautiful containers, Villeroy & Boch expertly captures the atmospheric feeling of every season and demonstrates its wealth of ideas and innovative strength with its many special jars. The gleaming white tea jar in the Artesano collection, for example, not only impresses with its purist design – the practical spoon integrated into the fine wooden lid shows that ceramic jars can be both attractive and functional at the same time.