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Storage jars from Villeroy & Boch – when storage becomes an ornament

Do you want to stylishly present your biscuits, muesli or pasta? Discover the many storage jars from Villeroy & Boch and turn all ingredients into accessories.

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Decorative storage jars from Villeroy & Boch

The right glass box for every product

More practical than torn bags, more protective than cardboard boxes and more aesthetically pleasing than a hotchpotch of packaging stuffed into the kitchen cupboard: Villeroy & Boch's storage containers help keep things tidy and create a harmonious picture in the kitchen. You can store ingredients such as flour, sugar, pasta and rice in a clean and manageable way in a porcelain or glass storage tin. Home-made biscuits or herbal mixtures from your own garden also stay fresh and tasty for longer in a storage jar. The lovingly designed porcelain jars or simple storage jars can also alternately be filled with penne, fusilli tricolore and nero di seppia, bringing an attractive combination of colours and shapes to your kitchen.

Why chose a set of storage jar made of porcelain?

The special shape and delicate patterns of our charming glass boxes speak for themselves. The covers are decorated with original reliefs or precisely engraved fruits and berries. This collection thus captures the jovial atmosphere of the British countryside in its storage jars. Porcelain is also an extremely low-maintenance and hygienic material for storing non-perishable, dry ingredients and snacks. Dyes and colourants do not damage the smooth surface, and the empty glass box can be easily cleaned in the dish washer. Unlike certain plastic variants, a sealed container from Villeroy & Boch is made of high-quality premium porcelain which is free of plasticisers and other poisonous substances.

Glass storage jars: everything at a glance

Our glass boxes can also be used to create an attractive setting on your work surfaces. Even before the boxes are filled, the designs from the different collections conjure up a modern feeling or a nostalgic retro look. All you have to do is decide how you would like to fill the storage containers. As they are transparent, you can use the ingredients they contain to decorate your kitchen. Discover creative possibilities with the many colours and structures of dry chickpeas, types of pasta or wild rice, and perfectly set the scene in your kitchen. A major advantage of the storage glasses is of course also the fact that you can instantly see what's inside them, and which supplies you need to add to your shopping list.

Especially for that special day

The storage jars from Villeroy & Boch's special collections are suitable for both storing and serving. Your Easter eggs will taste even better when your guests can enjoy them from a matching hen-shaped glass box or a container in the shape of a cheerful porcelain egg. The set with an elaborately embroidered pastry box or the series with winter motifs are perfect for the Advent season. Particularly suitable at Christmas time are the porcelain cookie boxes decorated with Christmas trees – either finely painted or complete with gifts hidden under their branches. Filled with sweet-smelling biscuits baked in your own oven, these storage jars make a unique Christmas gift for families and friends.

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