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White coffee mugs from Villeroy & Boch – Your timelessly beautiful favourite things

Spoil yourself and your loved ones every day with delicious coffee in elegantly gleaming coffee mugs in spotless white from Villeroy & Boch and bring the special into your everyday life. Read more...

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Experience the greatest enjoyment of coffee in style – with coffee mugs in white from Villeroy & Boch

For the perfect start to the day

Is there anything better than waking up to the delicious smell of coffee first thing in the morning and and following your nose to the kitchen before sitting down to pour yourself a delicious cup of hot black coffee? The best way to drink the tasty, caffeine-filled drink which wakes you up in the mornings is from a white mug from Villeroy & Boch, which really lets its aroma unfold fully too. Available in a choice of either classic or original designs and decorations, the forms of the large-format mugs complement in a stylish way the other breakfast tableware items, such as the attractive breakfast plates or muesli bowls from Villeroy & Boch. Lovers of aromatic teas can also enjoy moments full of enjoyment in the early mornings too because, of course, these gleaming white coffee mugs can also be used as elegant receptacles for tea!

The ultimate taste experiences!

Coffee is generally considered to be one of the most aromatic products of nature as a whole. It is credited with having more than 800 different taste nuances, ranging from dark chocolate , through fruity wild berries up to caramelised hazel nuts. It is therefore hardly surprising that this exquisitely enjoyable drink has maintained its unbroken popularity over many centuries. This drink with its strong taste is simply part of everyday life for most people, both at breakfast time and for the traditional “coffee and cakes” and in the afternoon. Drinking coffee together with other family members or friends on Sunday afternoons is a ritual which many are particularly happy to follow. Having an elegantly decorated table with white coffee mugs and matching cake plates and cake forks creates the right ambience for these occasions as well as underlining the exclusivity of the event.

Brilliant gloss and exclusive designs

Pure white coffee mugs made from shimmering porcelain have an exclusive charisma. Gentle decorations and delicately crafted reliefs are particularly effective when set against such a brilliant white surface. The floral elements in gentle blue on the mugs in the Vieux Luxembourg Collection, for example, exude a playful lightness. The gently shimmering surface of the extremely fine premium bone porcelain also lets the decorative applications on the cups in the La Classica Contura Collection stand out in graceful brilliance. Simple variants with no further ornamentations stand out because of their modern lines and become equisite style elements simply because of their puristic appearance.

On the go in style

Whether it’s on the way to work, during longer journeys by car or at other odd times, the fashion for having a coffee-to-go, which originated in America, has now also become an enjoyable ritual for people in this country too. For anyone who wishes to enjoy their favourite hot drink in real style, plastic ups are not really appropriate and they also produce unnecessary waste. To make your coffee-to-go into an unparalleled treat too, you need an exclusive premium quality porcelain coffee-to-go mug from Villeroy& Boch. This makes every coffee break a taste-filled experience, wherever you are! The elegant appearance of the white coffee mug-to-go additionally underlines the special nature of its contents permeated by its varied aromas.

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