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Coffee spoons from Villeroy & Boch – stylish companions for your tea and coffee moments

Relax with a hot cup of tea or let some stimulating coffee work its magic on you, without forgetting a charming coffee spoon from Villeroy & Boch to complete your coffee set. Read more...

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Material: Stainless steel

Elegant coffee spoons from Villeroy & Boch

Impressive as a little extra

When your family visits you for a slice of cake and fresh coffee, then a practical coffee spoon is a must in addition to the tasteful porcelain set. As a small helper, it is not only used to measure sugar, but also to stir the latter in your tea or coffee. Moreover, the coffee/teaspoon has proven to be useful after the tea bag has brewed as the spoon can easily dispose of it. In case cake and dessert forks have not been laid, you can simply repurpose a coffee spoon into a cake spoon. The versatile Villeroy & Boch coffee spoons are practical accessories that bring charming flair to afternoon coffee.

Universal every day, brilliant on special occasions

Because spoons have accompanied knives for many centuries as the only eating utensils, specialisations for specific mealtimes or drinks were simply a logical consequence. In turn, the Villeroy & Boch range includes stylish coffee spoons in various shapes and sizes in addition to spoons for espresso and latte macchiato. If you want your table setting to shine in elegance, the (partially) gold-plated spoons will impress at special occasions while providing the appropriate atmosphere. The everyday coffee spoons with colourful plastic handles from the Play! and S+ collections bring more colour and design to classic coffee cups. The NewWave coffee spoons with a notch on the handle for resting your spoon straight on the rim are truly eye-catching.

The strength lies in the foundation

Innovative design, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and the finest quality are as much a part of Villeroy & Boch as are coffee spoons of the same-named set. The resource-efficient production involves processing high-quality raw materials into perfect coffee spoons, whose functional aesthetics will thrill all users. The exquisite stainless steel used to make most coffee spoons is not only shiny and tasteless, but also dishwasher-safe and designed for everyday use. The colourful plastic handles are also dishwasher-safe and won’t lose their bright colours, even after many wash cycles in the dishwasher. Villeroy & Boch has made the handle and bowl with such precision that the spoons sit comfortably in your hand thanks to their perfect balance.

Not only for the coffee break

Amateur bakers will confirm that the small spoons can be used for more than just enjoying tea or coffee. As cake recipes often state the quantity of certain ingredients in teaspoons, these small assistants are also useful when you need to measure 5 teaspoons of sugar. If you don't want to order coffee spoons separately, but prefer they match the rest of your cutlery, then a Villeroy & Boch cutlery set that contains coffee spoons as well as classic table cutlery is just what you need. This kind of comprehensive package also makes an excellent wedding and housewarming gift. As chaos often prevails when two households come together. Bring elegant flair and order into the homes of your friends and family by giving them the spoons together with a cutlery set.

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