Asian cuisine

Asian cuisine

Asian cuisine is one of the most popular dishes among foodies throughout the world. Exotic scents and unusual aromas awaken the senses when we savour a Japanese or Chinese meal. To recreate the Far East atmosphere in your own kitchen or at the dining table, Asian crockery made from exclusive materials is indispensable. Villeroy & Boch keeps a wide range of Asian crockery at the ready with fine patterns not only so that you can spoil yourself with culinary treats, but also so that you can conjure up the Asian atmosphere in your home.

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Stylish Asian tableware from Villeroy & Boch

Delicious treats from the Far East

In all South-East Asian and East Asian cuisine, rice is the basic ingredient of many dishes. In Thailand, the expression for eating a meal is literally translated as “eating rice”, regardless of the actual dish. While on the Japanese islands, fish and sea food are predominantly transformed into small delicacies such as the popular sushi, Chinese cuisine is mainly characterised by pork and beef prepared according to different types of regional cuisine such as Sichuan or Hunan. Asian cooking is well-known for its soy, ginger and sweet and sour seasoning sauces. Whoever loves a good soup, will be particularly at ease in the Korean kitchen. Vegetables prepared there à la Kimchi are provided on every table. Villeroy & Boch offers the matching Asian crockery for presenting all delicacies from the Far East, as it is well known that food is also a feast for the eyes.

Charming design with Asian flair

Whether sushi plates, rice bowls, dip bowls or gourmet plates, the Villeroy & Boch crockery set for Chinese meals scores highly with its striking design. If a classic look is more your thing, you'll love the tableware set from the Modern Grace collection in puristic white which exudes exclusivity and – filled with the right Chinese dishes – adds a touch of exoticism. Give the dining table a particularly tasteful and decorative touch with the dinner plates from the Quinsai Garden collection. The magical motifs of typical Asian plants such as magnolia, camellia or chrysanthemums adorn the high-quality porcelain and mark the start of a culinary journey to Southern and East Asia. A fine Chinese noodle salad or a traditional Vietnamese Pho Ga with turkey looks wonderful in an oval bowl with the matching Royal China porcelain spoon.

Quality in every detail

Villeroy & Boch products are known above all for their high quality. Selected materials are always used for the porcelain crockery collections, crafted into exquisite plates, salad bowls and dishes in an elaborate manufacturing process. The exotic-looking Asian crockery is predominantly made from premium bone porcelain which, thanks to its pure whiteness, is also known as “white gold”. It has a fine, soft lustre, which turns the porcelain into a veritable treasure. The premium bone porcelain tableware is also characterised by a high degree of strength which makes it dishwasher- and microwave-safe. The combination of all these characteristics makes the material something really special.

What would Asian delicacies be without tea?

In China and Japan, tea enjoyment is celebrated as part of a traditional tea ceremony, deeply anchored in the culture. The hot infusion drink has enjoyed a high profile in the Asian region for hundreds of years and was originally drunk from tea bowls, and poured out from a large kettle using ladles. While ancient tea crockery used to be made from reddish ceramics, today high-quality porcelain is relied upon. The teapots and tea cups and saucers from Villeroy & Boch form the perfect basis for a moment of peace which is produced by the relaxing tea experience. Packaged in a lovely box, the tea set also makes the perfect gift for tea-lovers or Asian crockery enthusiasts.

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