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each piece is a one-off

Discover the wide and varied world of Villeroy & Boch pottery collections! Each collection features our unique effect glaze which generates fascinating colour gradients. Made from robust earthenware, Lave conveys a rustic charm, while Crafted and Perlemor  impress with their elegant thin porcelain character. Discover the charm of the expert craftwork and timeless elegance of our pottery collections.

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What is pottery?

Pottery is a fascinating art form that combines craft tradition with modern design. Each piece is a one-off thanks to fascinating effect glazes that create different patterns and colour gradients. From light porcelain to rustic earthenware, each material has its own special look and impresses with its unique charm.

What is an effect glaze?

The effect glaze in our pottery collections gives each product its own unique character. The interaction of metallic and mineral particles creates fascinating patterns and colour variations. No two pieces are the same, as the glaze reacts unpredictably during the firing process each time. It is a drip glaze that runs off to a greater extent in some places where it then accumulates. This drip effect has varying results on the colour.

Why does each piece look different?

The colour and lightness of the glaze can vary from product to product, making each piece an individual work of art. The intensity of the colour and effect can range from subtle to very distinctive. These individual features make each piece something special. Our photographs provide an impression of the variety offered by the pottery collections and show a range of examples of possible colour gradients. Your products are unique pieces and may vary from the items featured in the photographs and from each other.

Any questions?

Your satisfaction is very important to us. If you have any questions or particular concerns about your pottery product, our Customer Happiness Team will be pleased to help. We are here to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your Villeroy & Boch purchase and are available to offer support and assistance.

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We invite you to discover our pottery collections directly in our Houses of Villeroy & Boch. This is an opportunity to pick the products up, feel their unique texture and see the impressive effect glaze for yourself.

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