Grilling & barbecuing must-haves

Grilling & barbecuing must-haves

Every year, summer heralds the start of the outdoor season, when families and friends come together for barbecue parties and the air is filled with delicious aromas. It is the relaxed and casual atmosphere combined with good food that have made barbecues such a great summer tradition. Barbecues are now even making an appearance at weddings – gone forever their image as a purely rustic pleasure. Read on to discover all the ingredients for a successful barbecue party, how to plan your grill party and essential inspiration.

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We eat with our eyes too – including at a barbecue party. So beautiful barbecue plates are a must, to present barbecue food in appetising style on the table. Coordinating barbecue accessories create a particularly attractive effect, and the selection of complete barbecue tableware sets is now just as diverse as the multitude of barbecue ideas. Exciting surfaces meet striking contrasts, unusual shapes and sensational colours.

Barbecue recipes: best ideas & trends

The first question before any barbecue party is what food will you actually grill? It can be useful to choose a theme for your outdoor event as this will then help you decide on recipes & drinks, as well as barbecue tableware, decorations and the location of the party.


Glasses for barbecue drinks

No barbecue party would be complete without carefully selected drinks to accompany the food. For ideas of perfect food-drink pairings, check out the Barbecue Recipes & Drinks section. Wine, bramble drinks, etc., naturally served in attractive glasses, are good choices to toast the evening together.

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Classic barbecue recipes

Steak and sausages are staples at a typical barbecue party, accompanied by a pasta or potato salad and bread or a baguette. Different kinds of herb butters and oils (e.g. chilli🌶 oil or garlic oil) will add an extra flavoursome note, spicing up the classics and bringing out the typical barbecue flavours. Ideally washed down by an ice-cold beer, lemonade or a Bloody Mary.

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American BBQ

Spare ribs, coleslaw and a spicy barbecue sauce are must-haves for an American barbecue. Marinated chicken wings🍗 served with a typical US-style bean salad is a good option for a smaller snack. Classic coleslaw adds a lighter note to the table and also goes very well with lamb’s lettuce and pomegranate seeds. Ice tea or root beer are ideal choices to accompany a plate of hearty barbecue food, finished off with a whisky on the rocks.

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Vegetarian barbecue

More and more vegetarian dishes are featuring at barbecue parties. One of the first on the scene was marinated feta cheese with barbecued vegetables. To add an extra twist, combine these two ingredients with a light puff pastry, prepared perfectly on the barbecue. Bruschetta with different toppings is delicious and light, and you can experiment with lots of creative combinations. Savoury goat’s cheese with a honey glaze and walnuts is another excellent choice for barbecue chefs. Ideally accompanied by a fresh green salad with melon🍉 or sweet pears. The right white wines, or chilled gin and liqueur cocktails, such as Hugo or bramble, will complement the flavours.

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Ideas for different locations

A barbecue at home?

If you don’t want to barbecue in your garden every time or if you don’t have a garden, you can head off to a park. However, it is important to always observe local regulations. In many places, you can find barbecue huts in scenic locations that offer lots of scope for creative decoration and atmospheric effects for your barbecue party. For example, what about a “back to the roots” grill party in a barbecue hut in a forest, with classic recipes and rustic barbecue accessories?

A cake stand, for instance from our Artesano Original collection, comes in very handy to transport food, but that’s not all. It is also ideal for presenting appetising arrangements of finger food and more, and blends harmoniously with the atmosphere and decoration.


Tip: if you're not barbecuing at home, reusable storage containers are a must. Our To Go & To Stay collection includes a wide selection of environmentally friendly storage containers made from high-quality porcelain.

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Barbecue party checklist

  •  What atmosphere are you aiming for? Romantic firelight or an elegant open-air   feeling?
  •  Barbecue crockery & barbecue accessories should ideally reflect the atmosphere
  •  Stylish decorations will add a sophisticated note to any barbecue party
  •  Drinks to complement the food are absolutely essential for barbecues
  •  Barbecue plates and serving crockery allow tasteful presentation on the table
  •  Reusable storage containers, for example from our To Go range, are ideal to pack   up any leftovers to enjoy the next day
  •  For barbecue parties in parks or barbecue huts, ice cubes and cool-boxes are a   must
  •  A little gift for the host is sure to be well received

Tip: a little gift will be a lovely surprise for the host

The items from the To Go & To Stay collection mentioned earlier make excellent little gifts to take along for a host. The high-quality porcelain lunch boxes and mugs are ideal for storage and can also be used the next time you’re in the office, at school or uni.

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