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Martini glasses from Villeroy & Boch – the ultimate cocktail glass

The martini glasses from Villeroy & Boch boast a classic design, perfect for your cocktail creations as well as for a world-famous vodka or dry martini. Read more...

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Material: Crystal glass

Elegant Martini glasses from Villeroy & Boch

More versatile than the name suggests

Martini glasses are now part of a basic set of glasses for the home, not least since the International Barkeepers Association (IBA) added the dry martini, made from gin and vermouth with an olive or citrus zest, to its list of official cocktails. But those who have more of a sweet tooth can also use this cocktail glass to serve a range of sweet, fruity fauxtinis, from appletini and blueberry vodka to a milky way martini with Irish cream and chocolate liqueur. With its unmistakeable shape, a richly-decorated martini glass immediately creates a party atmosphere, while a martini glass simply embellished with an olive on a toothpick turns an aperitif into a stylish understatement.

The classic among the cocktail glasses

Although the tastes of cocktails themselves are constantly evolving, the classic goblet shape has never changed. Stability is especially important for a martini glass – a sufficiently broad base ensures that the glass does not wobble even when carried on a tray. The long stem allows the glass to be picked up carefully, so that the martini glasses, which are usually chilled, do not warm up too quickly as you chat. At a stylish evening event where both interesting cocktails and a range of aperitifs are served, the cocktail glasses with their wonderfully iconic designs are also ideal combined with other glasses from the same collection, creating a harmonious overall look.

Unique pieces in unique quality

The martini glasses from Villeroy & Boch are made from high-quality crystal glass, and every glass is checked for perfect craftsmanship. Their cultivated radiance comes from their understated shape, which is shown off especially well by the lack of decorations such as polishing, engraving or sand blasting, and lets the cocktail and its garnish come to the fore. The glasses are dishwasher safe, so clearing up after a busy cocktail party is done in no time. A little tip from our barkeeper: Chill the martini glasses with iced water before serving to make the cocktail truly exclusive.

“Shaken not stirred” and other discussions

Martini – the cocktail made from gin and vermouth – is not a registered trademark. This has caused endless and passionate controversy worldwide about the right ratio of the spirits, mixing technique and garnish. It is a debate that characters from politics, literature and film have all weighed in on. While secret agent James Bond always ordered his martini with the immortal phrase “shaken, not stirred”, the 1:15 ratio of vermouth was particularly important to Nobel Prize winning author Ernest Hemingway. Sir Winston Churchill found even that mixture too sweet – he filled his martini glass with dry gin and merely perfumed the drink with vermouth.

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